27 Apr 2010

M86 and friends

I imaged this one at the end of March but the data was so poor that I almost threw everything away... There was quite a lot of high clouds which brought huge gradients to all channels.

Here's 2h of luminance and 20:30:30 min of RGB.

20 Apr 2010

Arp 188 final

I decided to end the season 2009-2010 with this one so I gave it more light. Last two nights I took some more blue and quite a lot of Luminance.

So here it is!!

This one has 7h 20min (22*20min) of Luminance and 2h 35min of RGB (50:50:55 binned 2*2, 5min subs).

I added all the luminance data to next one and processed that without deconvolution which gave much softer result. This one has 11h 10min of luminance and 2h 35min RGB.

I'm not sure which one is better so I let viewer to decide...

14 Apr 2010

Arp 188: Tadpole galaxy

This season is about to end and I think this will be one of my last images for 2009-2010.

This faint (mag 14.4) barred spiral galaxy is located in constellation Draco and is located about 400 million light years away.  Its most dramatic features are a trail of stars about 280 thousand light-years long. 

First night I got about 4h30min of exposure but not a single usable frame of blue. But I was lucky and was able to image blue channel the next day, just before clouds arrived. But I got only 30min which really isn't enough for this object.

Total exposure of this image is 6hrs: L=2*15min+20*10min, RG=10*5min, B=6*5min (RGB binned 2*2)

Here's only L-channel, 3h 50min