8 Sept 2013


Perfect weather, clear skies with no moon or snow, really good transparency... But no working mount!

I made some changes to my focuser trying to solve the bending problem and was finalizing the collimation when I suddenly lost connection to my Mesu2. Wtf!!!

I found that the virtual COM port was blinking in my device manager. Ok, maybe some driver (which I updated earlier) isn't working properly. But after two nights, 3 computers and 4 USB chords there still was no connection to the mount. Everything else was working perfectly. Even the mount with the hand controller! But not with the computer. So, this time the ServoCAT controller failed somehow.

Few emails to StellarCAT (ServoCAT manufacturer) and a request to send it to U.S for repair... It's on its way now and there's gonna be at least 2 weeks delay for BBubble observatory.

But something good also!!! I (finally) brought outside my 10" Dobson for visual observing! This is something I've not done often because I got caught with astrophotography quite soon after finding this hobby. Last two nights I've been seeing wonders in the sky with my own eyes and not thru a camera. And it has been a quite nice experience! 

But hopefully my ServoCAT controller comes back soon so I can get this season finally started!