27 Nov 2013

SH2-207+SH2-208 Reprocessed

Had some time to reprocess this old image.

Not so much stretched...

Full size on Astrobin

Old one here

SH2-101, The Tulip Nebula

The Tulip Nebula, or Sharpless 101 (Sh2-101) or the Cygnus Star Cloud is an emission nebula located in the constellation Cygnus.

Here's only Hydrogen alpha with 9h 30min of exposure (19*1800sec). Colors will hopefully follow...

10 Nov 2013

M57 Finalized

I added 2 more hours of Hydrogen alpha and some RGB data also. So here's 7h of Ha and total of 10h 20min of exposure (HaRGB=420:60:70:70 min)

Full size on Astrobin

4 Nov 2013

IC5146 Reprocessed

Tried to tweak more of the Hydrogen Alpha details. Not so big changes visible....

1 Nov 2013

M92 reprocessed

Not sure if this is better or not so I'll let the viewer to decide.

The core is a bit darker and maybe some star color has been enhanced.