29 May 2013

NGC6543, The Cat's Eye Nebula

Here's also one kind of unfinished project from April... I found some flexure from my focuser when shooting towards the eastern sky so I turned back the to western sky and discontinued with this one.

And here's a crop of the Nebula:

Here's about 5 hrs of exposure of this Planetary Nebula.
                                                  Ha     =    3 * 1800" + ~15-20 * 180/300" for core
                                                  OIII   =    5 * 1800" + ~15-20 * 180" for core

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NGC4214, short exposure (L only)

This nice galaxy remains on my target list! 

I got only 4*20min of exposure before astronomical darkness ended here. Not too much processing used here... Hopefully next season let's me finalize this one.

3 May 2013


This has been waiting for processing since middle of March. I still have 2-3 objects with quite poor data waiting...

This faintish supernova remnant is located in constellation Auriga. The distance is estimated at 14700 light years and age of between 13000 and 24000 years.

                     Ha           =                10 * 1800"
                     RG          =                  4 * 300"
                     B             =                  6 * 300"
                     TOTAL   =                  6h 10min

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