17 Mar 2012

LDN1235 and Vdb149+Vdb150

Finally some serious imaging!

Few clear nights so aimed my system to constellation Cepheus.

The dark part of the image is LDN1235. Blue reflection nebulaes are objects of the van den Bergh's catalog. The one in the left is Vdb149 and the other Vdb150.

i had some minor problems during this session. First night I had USB port failure after 4 hrs and the other night I modified the CCDCommander imaging script I forgot to check the timing. So everything worked well but because of my mistake the script ended about two hours before dawn. But no can do...

Here's 7hr 45min of LRGB exposures (L=19*900sec bin1*1, RGB=10*450 sec bin2*2).

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