11 Apr 2012

SH2-140, SH2-145 and SH2-150

This was my previous project which was imaged on two nights about a week ago. I have done only one narrow band image earlier (M97) so the processing took a while. I took the images under almost a full moon with narrow band filters (Ha, OIII and SII). But the SII data (about 3hrs) was so week that I decided to forget that one and decided to make a Bicolor image with Ha and OIII with a synthethic green.

These three Sharpless objects are located also in the constellation Cepheus. The hydrogen alpha is showed as red and the OIII as blue. Green channel is combined with these two.

Exposures: Ha = 8*1800sec and OIII 6*1200sec (bin2*2). Total 6hrs.

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