23 Mar 2015


At least one image for this season done!!!!

I missed almost two weeks of clear weather mainly because I noticed a minor flexure on my PDF focuser and wanted to fix it right away. Waited to got a longer extension plate to get camera closer to focuser. And I think it helped a bit because I didn't notice any flexure this time.

Here's the Ngc3184, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major. It lies about 40 million light years away and has a magnitude of 10.4.

In the down right part of the image is galaxy cluster Abell 971.

Total exposure is 6 h 40 min.
                              L = 17*900"
                              R = 12*300" (bin2*2)
                              G = 9 *300" (bin2*2)
                              B = 10*300" (bin2*2)

Full size in Astrobin

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