15 Dec 2009

Mount problem

Today I took out another motor of the mount to make sure that the failed part really was the motor. I connected the working motor to the mount's electronics and everything was working properly. Working motor was also a good way to check the real resistance in the motor and wires. I found out that there were two pairs of wires with the resistance of 6.3 ohms. Same measurement to the failed engine revealed that in other pair there was no connection (no resistance) at all.

I was hoping that the problem were in the wires or the connector of the motor, but no luck... Next (and the last) thing to do was opening the motor itself. When I got the metal covers of I noticed a loose end of wire of the inductor lying on top of moving parts of the motor. After a while I found the other end on the opposite side of the inductor. I connect those and found the resistance again on the connector.

So, problem found and tomorrow I'll try to bribe some electrician from the work to fix it...

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