19 Dec 2009

Testing and imaging

There has been clear but very cold nights (well below -20°C). The weather has not been very good for serious imaging because of some kind of ice crystals hanging in the air and light haze.

Mechanical parts is working now without problems!! But new problem came out because I updated drivers during that long and cloudy period. My camera's has issues with binning modes so I have to use only 1*1 binning for imaging. I noticed this yesterday morning when I started to process images from previous night. More than 3 hours went straight to trashbox... Biggest problem with this binning issue is that I can't use focusmax. Let's hope that the manufacturer finds a solution quickly!

During daytime I've been collecting libraries of calibration images. I have to take flats again because I took them with too bright ADU values.

Here's uncalibrated version of double cluster. I'll make final version after I get those flats..

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